Caroli Motors Karts

Our karts are manufactured in CrMo-steel (32 mm) and welded by hand in the factory. The safety frame is mounted on high impact blocks and through the frames mobility the kart gains the following advantages:
Increased crash protection, since the safety frame move like a separate unit around the kart.
Increased flexibility in the chassi, contributes to better grip and more race kart feeling.

Safety frame in steel or energy absorbent PE-HD (high density-PE plastic) is available for our karts. The plastic safety frame is offered in two versions, high and low. The profiles are designed with precision in order to prevent the karts from climbing over or under each other.

The steering column is mounted on a unique spring-mounted attachment that further reduces the risk of personal injury at the same time as it increases the durability for steering wheel, steering column and steering column console. The seat console is easily adjusted and this combined with adjustable pedals and seat inserts, our karts can be driven by drivers from 135 cm – 200 cm.

Also for the mechanic, Caroli Kart is a smart choice. All the body work is easily dismounted and you easily gain access to crucial parts as rear axle, brakes and engine. Normal wear parts like steering knuckles, hubs etc are well constructed and manufactured with high precision, making our spare part sales very low…

Split bearing house for the rear axle simplifies kart maintenance. Two speed system, neck protection, safety belt and quick release body work for easy maintenance are always optional.