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Low weight and generous runtime makes Stinger Electric the new generation rental kart. This kart has fantastic acceleration and is very easy to drive. Zero emissions and low noise level makes this kart the perfect choice for indoor tracks och tracks in urban areas.

Our new Stinger Electric has the most modern technology with brushless, synchronous permanent magnet disc rotor engines in combination with LiFePO4 batteries. This is today the most common combination for modern electric vehicles where high efficiency, low weight, small size and long range are important parameters.

This technology is completely free from maintenance and both speed and torque is adjustable. The speed is decisive for this kind of application where it’s crucial that the karts keep the same speed.

Driving time on a fully charged lithium battery is approximately 35 minutes under perfect conditions on an indoor track. Important parameters is the ambient temperature, the life-span of the battery, it’s status and it’s charge condition. A high quality lid battery, 75 Ah, gives 15-18 minutes runtime. Compared to a lid battery, the charging time for lithium batteries is faster, the amount of cycles is 2,5-3 times more and the weight is about 1/3.

In order to achieve longevity for the battery we recommend avoiding longer runtime then 18-20 minutes before the battery is recharged. The battery should never reach a level under 20% before it’s recharged.


ChassiCRMO 32mm
Protection frameCRMO 30mm, mounted on silent blocksExtra protection pipes, PEHD frame.

Extra protection PEHD spoiler and rear protection

BodyPEHD (polyethylene)
Adjustable chairYes, mounted on silent blocks
SeatTillett plasticFully or ¼ upholstered Tillett
Seat reductionNoSRS rubber
Neck protectionNoYes
Safety beltNo2- or 4-point
PedalsCoveredAdjustable 80mm
2-speed systemNoYes
Anti gas/brakeYes
FlooringPEHD/aluminium. Ergonomically shaped, covers wires, hoses and tie rods.
Steering columnSpring mounted, energy-absorbing
Steering wheelFlat top
TiresRaptorCan be delivered with most brands
Front wheelMonolithic, reinforced aluminium 120mm. 20mm bearings, machined
Rear wheelRear wheel Monolithic, reinforced aluminium 180mm, machined
Steering knuckle20mm. Axis in special hardened steelEccentric washer, adjustment camber/caster angle
Rear axle30mm, massive, 890950 mm
Axle bearings3pcs, mounted in split housing
BrakeSelf adjustable hydraulic
Brake disc protectionNoYes
Rear protectionYes, PEHD
Brake lightsNoYes
EnginePMS 120 5,5kW 48V 3000RPM 17Nm Peak moment (torque): 40 Nm, peak effect (power): 12,5kW. Battery, GBS LiFePo4 48V/60 Ah incl BMS
ChargerHF 48V 100A
TransmissionBelt 8M-21PCC
Weight boxesNoYes, 27kg
StickersNoYes. Customized possible
SizeL: 1920mm. x W: 1300mm. x H: 600mm.
WeightApx 195 kg